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  • David Bohmann

soulkraft | sonderzug


a big thing is coming!

let me intudruce you the famous guy behind the music label #soulkraft, he is also the talented man of #sonderzug

he visited me yesterday in my studio for making some portraits of him, it was amazing to work with him and we've done a marvellous work together!

here are a few photos of the shooting, check it out:

i asked him to tell me some words about him and his way to create his wonderful music. that's what he said:

"I never plan when I create. It must be spontaneous. I feel the music I write must be made before any thought comes up to ruin the process. This way it can be true, and creative. I dont plan to write my music for dancefloors, or write it for people to listen to on the way to work. I try to keep everything as simple as possible. I only release tracks that were created with fun and passion. This is key to making an impact."


Bookings & requests

so check him out on soundcloud:

and on facebook:

don't forget to leave a like for him

cheers david

all pictures © david bohmann

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